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about lighthorse business transformations

Sandra Geisler is the founder of Lighthorse. She developed a tangible and powerful transformation framework and a leadership model on how to become a natural leader. The transformation framework allows you to overcome your blockages and unleash your true potential within three steps. This leads to lasting behavioral change, fundamentally changing circumstances for the better and reaching outstanding outcomes.

Sandra herself has mastered some drawbacks in her life. After a severe ski accident she became paralyzed and could not bear any light or sound for almost two years. Although doctors were not sure if she would recover, Sandra was determined to do whatever it would take to live her life to the fullest again.

Lighthorse is an international boutique firm that facilitates the transformation of individuals, teams and organizations.

Our practitioners are experts in their field and all have a unique background.

For our clients we select practitioners from our expert team and extended network who best match their needs.

sandra-geisler-lighthorse Sandra Geisler
I am passionate about unleashing
the potential 
of leaders and organizations
and reaching desired outcomes.
alwine-van-heemstra-lighthorse Alwine van Heemstra
The better you connect with what drives you,
the more you are able to engage others
into joining you in your endeavors.
Mascha van der Graaff
Any kind of sustainable change and
transformation in either personal, organizational
or societal context, starts from within
because we are so much more
than what we seem to be on the outside.
louis-van-der-merwe-lighthorse Louis van der Merwe
As change is now a constant,
Change Management and Continuous
of Quality enable organizations
to continually adapt and add value
to their offerings to customers.
pleuntje-van-meer-lighthorse Pleuntje van Meer
I aspire a values-driven environment.
I seek to inspire, deepen and develop leadership
consciousness and cultural awareness.
pieter-polhuijs Pieter Polhuijs
My main motivation has always been and still is
to help people and companies grow sustainable.
I help board members and management teams
with their strategies and its implementation.
mabelle-smit-lighthorse Mabelle Smit
I believe that every person
has something unique to contribute.
I aim to support people through compassion
and non-judgment in their personal journey. 
paul-van-t-veld-lighthorse Paul van ’t Veld
Every person has what it takes,
everything is already there,
ready to be uncovered to find one´s potential,
provided there is a willingness to explore and endure.
vision lighthorse business transformations

We live in a world of uncertainty and exponential changes: technological, economical, environmental, political and social.

Adapting to these circumstances is a prerequisite to survive and flourish. Quick fixes and incremental solutions are not enough anymore.

We need natural leaders who are able to adopt and to drive change to build healthy organizations that warrant outstanding performance, long-term success, and which are a force for good.

lighthorse clients

We have worked with a variety of clients, amongst them:


our values

Our values play a central role in the way we work as practitioners and in how we engage with clients.
We value being HUMBLE, EAGER and CONNECTED.

lighthorse stables

Sandra has a lifelong passion for horses. She gives shelter and training to horses. The horses either had a difficult start in their lives or that have been stuck in their career as a sports horse. They have been misunderstood or could not cope with the physical and mental pressure of being a high performer. Because of this they developed physical and or mental issues.
We give these horses a second chance. The horses learn to become an authentic horse again and develop unique personalities. The horses live within a herd; they receive physical treatments, special trainings on the ground and riding practices, and they contribute to our transformational leadership program.

Handling horses with trust, collaboration and a natural leadership will lead to relaxation, cooperation and joy.
A dedicated team supports the wellbeing of the horses.
Sandra Geisler, Yvonne Groven, Carmen Keja, Wendy Franssen, Robert van Raadshooven, Susan Knauf.

spirit-portret-uitsnede Spirit
She is the beautiful angel.
She is a mysterious and wise oracle,
seeing things nobody else notices.
Banderas Banderas
He is the healer and a wise gentle teacher,
but if you are not true to yourself
he’ll let you know.
Elvira-portret Elvira
She is the loving mother and supports you
to value yourself and others.
If you need comfort
she will be there for you.
Empire Royale-portret-zonderachtergrond Empire Royale
He is the charming husband
and the natural leader.
He is your friend,
but don’t blame him
for things he is not responsible for.
Evita-portret-zonderachtergrond Evita
She is the powerhouse.
She will ask you go for it 100%.
If you have the slightest doubt,
resistance or frustration she will loose all interest.
Madelief-portret-zonderachtergrond Madelief
She is the powerful little big princess,
who can be insecure and foolish
but who will also invite you
to trust your own power.
Nobis-portret-zonderachtergrond Nobis
She is the gracious soul who can be a bit
of a witch if you are pretending.
But otherwise she is gentle
and will be with you all the way.
Sunny-portret-zonderachtergrond Sunny
He is the connector, sensitive and caring.
He is a real Houdini
and not only unlocks stable doors
but also the lock to your heart.
Ursus-portret-zonderachtergrond Ursus
She is the hysterical funny unicorn.
She brings you back in the now,
especially if good
is not good enough for you.
varian-portret-zonderachtergrond Varian
He is the boss.
Better know what you want,
be firm and set your boundaries,
then he will fly with you.
willow-portret-zonderachtergrond Willow
She is the queen,
the warrior and the presence.
She is the barometer
of what happens under the surface.

lighthorse stables

Since 1997, Sandra Geisler hosts unique Salon gatherings for leaders of various backgrounds on a variety of topics, also known as Tête-à-tête. These gatherings take place at unique locations in an intimate atmosphere. One or more speakers are invited to shed light upon a topic and over the courses of a dinner a presentation and discussion takes place. The gathering consist approximately of 30-40 people and sometimes even up to 100.

The Salon addresses new trends or pressing issues. Discussing these topics amongst people with various backgrounds contributes to a more thorough understanding of the issue at stake and provokes positive action.

Examples of gatherings in the past:

  • Creating shared value, rethinking capitalism. With Herman Wijffels
  • Listen to the Art of Change. With Miha Pogacnik
  • Radicalization in the Netherlands, how to deal with it? With Ahmed Marcouch
  • The New Green Deal. With Wouter van Dieren
  • The role of corporate governance in value destruction and value creation. With Donald Kalff
  • The relationship between The U.S.A. and Europe. Maarten van Rossem
  • The Blue Economy. Gunter Pauli

Read more about the history of salons on Wikipedia >>

Please find upcoming salons and other events in our agenda.

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