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Lighthorse business salon date change!

Oog op Zeist

Lighthorse business salon will take place on the 10th of April in Slot Zeist on “How to transform your organization and remain successful in times of change?”

The performance and long-term success of an organization are determined by the health of the organization. It appears that organizations that focus on organizational health perform 3x better.

Healthy organizations have a clear direction. There is a leadership that fosters trust, openness and commitment. They have the right capabilities. There is a ‘can do’ attitude and accountability is taken for results and behavior. A healthy organization easily adapts to external challenges and changes through continuous learning and innovation.

How healthy is your organization and how do you show up as a leader?

We will share the key findings of the 100 interviews, which we conducted over the past two years with distinctive business leaders about what it takes to become a healthy and successful organization in times of uncertainty. Click here to get an impression of the interviews.

What does it take for organizations to align, execute and renew themselves to be healthy and successful? After a brief discussion you will elaborate with likeminded peers on some key topics. A summary of the group discussions will be presented to all participants by the end of the evening.

Lighthorse organizes a Business Salon for business leaders (of organizations with 75+ people).

18:00 Welcome drink and small bite
18:45 Welcome by Sandra Geisler on behalf of Lighthorse
19:00 Appetizer – get to know table mates
19:30 Presentation of key findings and implications of 100 interviews with distinctive business leaders
20:30 Main course – Table discussions on key topics
21:30 Coffee and tea – Sharing results and insights
22:15 End formal program

The Salon started in 1997. At a unique venue and during a 3-course diner, inspiration, learning and networking go hand in hand. A Salon addresses new trends or pressing issues. Discussing these topics amongst people with various backgrounds contributes to a more thorough understanding of the issue at stake and provokes positive action. Read more about the Salon here.

€ 90 Euro (excl. VAT) per person, which includes a welcome drink and snack and a 3 course dinner and drinks.

Send an email to with your name and contact details.

We are looking forward to meet you at Slot Zeist.


Upcoming in February: Lighthorse taster

Get to know and experience how we work by diving into matter. We will organize parallel workshops on the topics we work on with the various practitioners. You will be able to pick and choose the topics that have your personal interest.

When: 15.30 – 21.30
Where: to be defined


70 interviews of the 100 now online!

Watch the videos. We will reveal more soon so stay tuned.

60 interviews of the 100 now online!

Watch the videos. We will reveal more soon so stay tuned.

30 interviews of the 100 now online!

Watch the videos. We will reveal the next 15 on December 14th so stay tuned.
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We celebrate our new website and the expansion of our team.champagne

100 video’s coming soon

Later this Fall we will publish the 100 video’s of the distinctive leaders we interviewed. We asked them about the impact of major trends on their sector and business; about new challenges and opportunities that emerged; about the impact on the direction of the organization and the effect on the business model, the organization, its leadership and its employees. Lastly, we asked them what is most needed now.

We look forward to present the video’s to you.