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lighthorse business coaching approach

We offer business and personal services to our clients.

We co–create with our clients to ensure that our programs match their needs and their organization’s unique way of working.

We use a personal and thorough approach, which ensures lasting impact.

We apply our work to a variety of business and personal issues. Depending on the issue at stake we assess the current status quo. Our approach is rooted in behavioural science, trauma therapy and a deep personal understanding and experience of it. We combine classroom learning with experiential learning to develop and nurture leadership capabilities, which are difficult to obtain by classroom training only.

natural leadership

We believe that everybody is a Natural Leader and can learn how to unleash their full potential and reach desired outcomes to make a difference in every area of their life.

Lighthorse uses a leadership model and a transformation framework to help you become a natural leader.

Natural leaders have a clear direction. They build relations based on trust, respect and openness and are able to engage others along a common purpose. They are accountable for their results and know how to change situations from the inside out through personal mastery. They are vital and manage their energy well.

Lighthorse has developed a powerful transformation framework in which you learn effective behavior and how to reach desired outcomes in 3 steps by:

Understanding the limiting pattern and how it affects your behavior.
Unleashing your true potential and develop new and effective behavior.
Reaching your desired outcomes.

We use horses to create the most impact and as well as other coaching and training programs..

transformation vs change

To grow and progress we need to transform rather than to change.

Change is incremental in nature. It improves what you are currently doing rather than creating something new.

Transformation is more fundamental, because the future state is unknown when you begin. New mindsets and behaviors are required to successfully transform and reach desired outcomes. Within organisations without the inner shifts of mindset and culture, the implementation of new structures, systems, processes or technology do not produce the intended progress and growth.

Lighthorse facilitates transformations, not just change.

health & performance

Most organizations primarily focus on performance, on being more efficient and becoming smarter. This is no longer enough to stay ahead of the game.

Natural leaders build organizational health and thereby improve performance and sustain the success of their organization and be a force for good.

They understand the importance for an organization to align, execute, and renew itself.


Amongst all the qualities of great leaders, one quality seems to stand out: trust. You can have a compelling vision, solid strategy, excellent communication skills, groundbreaking insights, and a skilled team, but if people don’t trust you, it will be hard to get the results you aim for. Leaders who build relationships on trust improve output, morale, retention, innovation, loyalty, and revenue. Mistrust fosters skepticism, frustration, cynicism, silos, low productivity, and turnover.


During the last century, organizations have focused on optimizing performance by implementing financial metrics and KPI’s. The latest research of management practices have revealed that only having performance as the center of interest prevents an organization from innovation, sustainable performance and staying ahead of the game.

All sectors and its organizations are in transition. We conducted a market research in which we interviewed 100 distinctive leaders of various sectors and backgrounds on how they have responded to change and transformed their organization.

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