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Lighthorse offers business and personal services to our clients. With our business services we support the transformation of leaders, teams and organizations.

We assess, coach, train and consult to adequately support our clients in reaching desired outcomes.

Our approach is focused on impact. We address issues underneath the surface and trace underlying causes. We help to unleash the hidden potential of individuals, teams and organisations. We use an unique transformation framework, which shifts limiting mindsets and blockages to reach effective behaviour and desired outcomes.

In our programs we combine classroom learning with experiential learning to develop capabilities that are more difficult to achieve in classroom settings only. We use horses in and then the impact is most powerful.

leadership development

Lighthorse leadership development programs helps leaders to become natural leaders.  They learn how to overcome limiting patterns, unleash their true potential, create effective behavior to reach desired outcomes. We provide leaders with new tools and practices in the context of their specific leadership challenge and opportunity.

They learn how to build on their unique strengths and talents; how to gain clarity of purpose and their direction; use positive framing to translate challenging situations into opportunities; learn to master themselves and shift mindsets to create effective behavior and desired outcomes; build trust based relationships and powerful teams; engage and empower others; renew and sustain their energy to be vital and reach greater fulfillment and sustain performance in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

team development

Lighthorse team development programs equip teams with the awareness and capabilities to transform into cohesive and high performing teams in the context of their organization.

The success of an organization depends on the effectiveness of its teams. This is the competitive advantage. High performing teams don’t emerge by coincidence. It takes natural leadership to build high performing teams. The reality is that teams rarely function up to their potential. Even if team members have been carefully selected on their knowledge, capabilities, and experience, even if their individual levels of ambition are matched, and even if the size and composition of the team are optimal, there is no guarantee that the team will perform at its best.

organizational develpment

Lighthorse organizational health programs help build organizational health and performance in the context of their environment.

Organizational health is about having the qualities today that create the conditions for high performance tomorrow. Healthy organizations typically have a culture that fosters trust, openness and engagement and enables continuous learning and improvement. Everyone is drawn into the same direction. There is a ‘can do’ culture. This provides clarity, alignment and commitment within organizations.