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Lighthorse helps you to succeed and thrive by unleashing your true potential.

The world has become more uncertain and complex. Over 70% of the change efforts fail.

How do you execute effectively, adapt and renew fast enough? Are you competent, confident and courageous to lead the change successfully? We focus on tangible as well as intangible drivers of business. However, the latter, the people side of business – changing ways of working, mindsets, and behaviors – is most critical to the success of any organization. If you do not change the script, you will get the same outcomes over and over.

We offer training programs, tools and a unique transformation methodology that help you to accomplish real breakthroughs and reach desired results. We have more than 20 years of experience, we worked with over 30 big corporations and family owned businesses, over 100 executives and senior leaders and over 5000 people.

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our values

We have worked with a variety of clients, amongst them:

Our team consist of passionate practitioners of our core team and our extended network.

For our clients we select the practitioners who best match their needs.

Sandra Geisler
Change from the inside out.
Unleash your true potential
to reach desired outcomes.
alwine-van-heemstra-lighthorse Alwine van Heemstra

When you have a clear purpose
and you are authentic and in flow,
you’ll achieve what you aim for.


Tischa Neve
I like to inspire parents with my vision
on raising children to become
independent people with confidence.
Mabelle Smit
I believe that every person
has something unique to contribute.
I aim to support people through compassion
and non-judgment in their personal journey.
Annemarie Rood
I believe in the power and the richness
of being in contact with yourself.
With everything that is there.
Isabel Zwaan
I believe that to achieve your goals you have to think big, work hard, and believe in yourself no matter what other people may say.
Ron Dol
It is my strong believe that having grip on facts and figures ensures that you are in control of the situation. Not because those facts are everything, but because it gives you the choice to determine your own direction.

Why do I want to be a transformational coach?

Francien Vunderink – I’ve always been fascinated by the behavior of animals and humans. Especially in the intercommunication between the both of them. It is wonderful to use this element as a tool in coaching people.

Emily Smit-Marks – Who do you choose to become? I believe that if you dive below the surface and immerse in self-exploration, you can break free from patterns that may have held you captive. I love to support people on that journey.

Lisbeth Gruppen – If professionals connect with their inner selves, I believe they can make a massive impact. Emotional intelligent leadership is more critical than ever in this data-driven world.

Kim Huijben – I want to let people feel a connection with themselves. What are your old patterns and old beliefs. Are these still helping you or do you need a change of view? Awareness is the perfect base to change.

Faiza Belhadj – I want to take my unique experiences, the ones that set me apart, to coach others as they go through similar or other struggles. Help to build their strength and become a better version of themselves. 

Nadia Nazary – I have a connection with horses and I love to work with this to provide children with a safe and open environment to explore their feelings, wants and needs.

Anouk Boering – I believe in Live Long Learning and like to inspire people to embrace change as this simultaneously means Growth. Transformation is growing into your better self.  I lead a fulfilling life facilitating people to transform themself.

Christine Nevejan – Look in the eye of a horse. Feel the breath on your skin. This creature invites and reminds you to live genuine, generously and free yourself off burden and sadness.

Boudewien van Notten
Growing wiser with every life experience,
I believe ‘a better world’
starts with(in) ourselves.
louis-van-der-merwe-lighthorse Louis van der Merwe
As change is now a constant,
Change Management and Continuous
of Quality enable organizations
to continually adapt and add value
to their offerings to customers.
pleuntje-van-meer-lighthorse Pleuntje van Meer
I aspire a values-driven environment.
I seek to inspire, deepen and develop leadership
consciousness and cultural awareness.
pieter-polhuijs Pieter Polhuijs
My main motivation has always been and still is
to help people and companies grow sustainable.
I help board members and management teams
with their strategies and its implementation.
paul-van-t-veld-lighthorse Paul van ‘t Veld
Every person has what it takes,
everything is already there,
ready to be uncovered to find one´s potential,
provided there is a willingness to explore and endure.
our values

Our values play a central role in the way we work and in how we engage with clients.

      • Heart and Soul
      • Do what we say we will do
      • Raw and real
      • Push the boundaries
      • Back yourself and each other
vision lighthorse business transformations

Our world is changing rapidly, only a third of excellent organizations stay successful over the long term, and even fewer are able to implement change programs successfully. We need courageous leaders who can lead the change from the inside out.
Within organizations you don’t progress and grow without the inner shifts of mindset and culture, the implementation of new structures, systems and processes.
Focusing more on changing ways of working, mindsets, and behaviors, the people side of business; is not only most critical to the success of any transformation, it is essential to succeed and thrive.

The way Lighthorse engages with horses moves beyond the traditional mirroring work. Lighthorse has developed a powerful transformation framework that results in lasting behavioral change and reaching desired outcomes.

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He is a gentle giant.
He helps you to become present
and open your heart.

Banderas Banderas

If you are not true to yourself
he’ll let you know.

Elvira-portret Elvira

If you need comfort
she will be there for you.

Empire Royale-portret-zonderachtergrond Empire Royale

He will teach you to connect
and be a gentle leader.

Evita-portret-zonderachtergrond Evita

If you have the slightest doubt,
resistance or frustration she will loose all interest.

Madelief-portret-zonderachtergrond Madelief

She will invite you
to trust your own power.

Nobis-portret-zonderachtergrond Nobis

If you show the real you
she will be with you all the way.

willow-portret-zonderachtergrond Ruby

She is the barometer
of what happens under the surface.

Sunny-portret-zonderachtergrond Sunny

He is warm and loving
and invites you to fully be yourself.

varian-portret-zonderachtergrond Varian

Know what you want,
be firm and set your boundaries.