lighthorse business coaching approach

Lighthorse helps you to succeed and thrive by unleashing your true potential.

Research shows that change efforts fail most of the time because the emphasis is on performance and the tangible drivers.

We focus on both drivers: the tangible and the intangible. Although the latter, changing ways of working, mindsets, and behaviors is most critical to the succes of any change effort.

We help you build capacity, offer you tools and programs and a unique transformation methodology to ensure lasting results.

We work with the latest training methodologies and a personal and thorough approach which allows you to develop the capabilities that are difficult to obtain by classroom training only.

Experience how you can get immediate desired results.

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transformation vs change

Lighthorse facilitates transformations, not just change.

Change is incremental in nature, transformation is more fundamental. Within organizations you don’t produce progress and growth without the inner shifts of mindset and culture, the implementation of new structures, systems and processes.

In our personal transformation process the body and the way you think, feel and behave is key. This together with practicing new behavior results in rapid progress.

The latest research shows the enormous impact of how the wisdom of the body and mind can be used to bring about fundamental changes in behavior. Often the emphasis is rather placed on the cognitive dimension and what is revealed verbally. Yet the story that is told by the gestures, body posture, way of speaking, facial expression, and the movements of the body are more important than what we tell in words.

This non-verbal language reflects implicit processes that are formed in the brain and the body. They affect the way in which we are effective or not. You can learn to set yourself free of these processes and therefore you will be able to develop new behavior and reach desired outcomes.