lighthorse business coaching approach

Lighthorse lets you succeed and thrive through coaching, training and advice.

Organizations only progress and grow when they are able to shift mindsets and culture, change behaviors and ways of working and implement new structures, systems and processes.

We support you in these change efforts and offer you assessments, training programs, tools and a unique transformation methodology that help you accomplish real breakthroughs and reach desired results.

When building capacity, we believe in cascading it into the organization. Leading by example is crucial. Organizations can only transform if senior leaders first transform themselves.

It is when the old script changes, that real breakthroughs can be accomplished.

You will be able to identify root causes and be able to develop new behavior which is difficult to obtain by classroom training only.

Our work is based on the latest development of behavioral science in business and quantum physics.

transformation vs change

Change programs that explicitly address the skills and mindsets that are required to fulfill the performance and health aspirations, are more than six times more likely to succeed.

The key to successful transformations lies in making the transformation individually as well as within the organization.

We support leaders, teams and organizations in their transformation efforts with our business services.

Amongst our services, we offer a unique transformation methodology which we use in our coaching sessions with horses.

It transforms old patterns and mindsets. It leads to immediate new and lasting behavior change and reaching desired results. Only if you rewrite the old script, new circumstances and outcomes will follow.

The unique transformation coaching methodology with horses consist of 3 phases.
You define your most desired outcome with a coach prior to the session with the horse.
You will:

  • Understand the limiting pattern, mindset and how it effects your current behavior and outcome
  • Unleash your true potential, be your true self and develop new skills and effective behavior
  • Reach your desired results and anchor the new

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Most organizations primarily focus on performance. Today, this is no longer enough. Leaders need also to focus on organizational health.

Organizational health is about acquiring and sustaining the qualities today that create the conditions for high performance tomorrow.

Healthy organizations typically have a clear sense of direction. They have a culture which fosters trust, openness and engagement and enable continuous learning and improvement. There is a ‘can do’ culture, supported by effective processes. A healthy organization can easily adapt to external challenges and changes.

Organizational health surpasses all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.

How are you doing on your organizational health?

Lighthorse offers assessments, tools and programs to helps you build organizational health.

Trust has a tremendous impact on the company’s bottom line. If there is no trust, it will be hard to get the results you aim for.
Leaders who create trustful environments improve output, morale, retention, innovation, loyalty, and revenue. Trust enhances openness, vulnerability, communication, sharing, being more comfortable with uncertainty which is crucial for learning, innovation and performance. The absence of trust fosters skepticism, frustration, cynicism, silos, low productivity, and turnover.
Trust cannot be built overnight. It requires time, courage, effort and character to build.

How do you do on trust?
Lighthorse offers assessments, tools and programs to help you build trust.