Most participants who come to us have rarely or ever been close to a horse. Our horses are easy and safe to handle, but very sensitive. Working with horses often has a huge impact. You recognize immediately your intentions, your strengths and challenges and your coping strategies.

This is because horses take you out of your comfort zone and because you feel unsure of the situation, you respond in a way that is most natural to you.

Horses are ideal for developing your goals because of their enormous mirroring ability. They have this talent because they are prey and herd animals. For their survival they need to sense what is going on within and outside the herd. As a result, they need to know what your body language tells. Not what you’re trying to show others, but what you really feel. Horses mirror your non-verbal communication when working with them. This can vary from being pushy to ignoring your presence.

While working with a horse you get immediate feedback. We ask questions to understand the underlying pattern of your behavior and explain what we see and what happens during the interaction with the horse. You will be able to work again with the horse, practicing new behavior and through this you will achieve different (aimed) results in a very short time. You will experience and feel how small changes (in the way you think, feel and behave) can yield huge results.

The way Lighthorse engages with horses moves beyond the traditional mirroring work. Sandra Geisler has developed a very powerful transformation framework that results in lasting behavioral change, fundamentally changing circumstances for the better and reaching outstanding outcomes within in session.