With our Business services we help leaders, teams and organizations to transform to reach desired results and succeed and thrive.

We offer coaching, training, interim management, assessments and advice.

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leadership development

Transform your leadership to succeed and thrive.

Leadership is probably the most important part of any change effort within teams and the organization.

Do you have a compelling case for change? Do you take people where they otherwise would not go? Do you create rewards, recognitions, reinforcing processes and policies? Are you a role model for the behavior that you want to see? Finally, do you inspire your colleagues with your unlimited drive to succeed?

Successful leaders align their teams. They point out the dysfunctional, old habits that represent the past and they tackle the mindsets that stand in the way of fundamental change. They know how to ensure that their transformation succeeds.

Successful leaders build organizational health and thereby improve performance and sustain the success of their organization. They understand the importance for an organization to align, execute, and renew itself.

We offer you programs, tools and practices you need and help you to transform and build the capacity trough:
one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops with horses, talent assessments and in-company leadership training programs.

Areas we work in:

  • Leading self, leading others, leading business: a holistic approach on leadership like personal mastery, motivating and engaging others and how to lead the change within the organization. But if you cannot lead yourself, you will not be able to lead others
  • Personal mastery: raise personal awareness, transforming limiting mindsets, become the real you, develop capabilities, effective behavior to reach desired results
  • Talent analysis and development: support leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses, how to use them effectively and build capacity
  • Leading teams effectively: improving intangibles like trust, communication, commitment and learning capacities as well as well as the tangible elements like having a clear goal, task and roles, and the right competences within a team.
  • Meaningful relationships: build relationships based on trust, respect and effective communication skills.
  • Mastering Influence: learning how to engage others in a meaningful way to reach desired results.
  • Nature journeys: connect to your purpose and where you want to be and what it takes by spending time in nature.
  • Vitality: learn how to renew and sustain your personal energy and set clear boundaries.
  • Executive coaching: we help leaders to deal with their most pressing issues.

team development

Transform your team to succeed and thrive.

Lighthorse team development programs help you develop awareness and capabilities to transform into aligned and high performing teams.

Are you a high performing team and do you radiate positive energy?

High performing teams don’t emerge by coincidence. It takes courage and effort to build. It depends on many factors such as the maturity of the team, its leadership, clear goals, the level of trust and committed, the right talents and competencies and if roles are optimally assigned, the effectives of communication and whether there is a room for development and growth.

We offer you programs, tools and practices you need through:
coaching sessions and team workshops with horses, talent assessments, team assessments and in-company team development training programs.

Areas we work in:

  • Create clarity on the direction: formulate a new strategy or adjust the current strategy.
  • Build aligned and effective teams: improving trust, communication, commitment and learning capacities as well as having a clear goal, tasks and roles, and the right talent and competences.
  • Team dynamics: understand and transform dysfunctional patterns, mental models in team collaboration and how to transform these and build capacity into aligned and high-performance teams.
  • Talent analysis and development: understand strengths and weaknesses within of the members and the team and build capacity.
  • Competence and performance management: define competences and key behavior indicators.
  • Recruitment: develop (competence) profiles for a new team leader and or team members.

Transform to succeed and thrive.

70% of change initiatives mainly fail because aspects of human and organizational behavior are not properly addressed.
Within organizations you don’t progress and grow without the inner shifts of mindset and culture, the implementation of new structures, systems and processes.

Change does not come naturally. Lighthorse accelerates the implementation of an organization’s transformation program by fully engaging the people’s emotional side in the change process.

Our programs include letting people embrace the purpose of the transformation, understand one’s personal role, moving them from a place of fear to one of possibility by shifting the underlying mindsets, build new skills to reach desired outcomes and to drive performance.

When building capacity, we believe in cascading it into the organization. Leading by example is crucial. Organizations can only transform if senior leaders first transform themselves.

Areas we work in:

  • Create clarity on the direction: formulate a new strategy, adjust or align the current strategy.
  • Talent and competence management: measure talents, define core competences and match those with the talents of the employees. Develop the key competences.
  • Culture transformation: identify key drivers and shift mindsets and behavior towards an organization’s aspiration and deeper purpose.
  • Organizational health assessment: online assessment on how your organizations scores on the elements of organizational health.
  • Employee engagement: increase the sense of involvement to improve motivation, commitment, accountability and productivity.
  • Align supporting processes and structures: adjust recruitment processes, reward and appraisal systems.