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We offer training programs, tools and a unique transformation methodology that help you realize real breakthroughs and achieve desired results.
We have more than 20 years of experience, we have worked with more than 30 large corporations and family businesses, with more than 100 executives and senior leaders and with more than 5,000 people.
The NPS score of LIGHTHORSE is 74.

LIGHTHORSE helps you to succeed and thrive by unleashing your true potential

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Our mission at LIGHTHORSE is to empower individuals and organizations to realize their full potential from a new consciousness, to promote well-being and health and to achieve desired conditions and results.

LIGHTHORSE strives to be a leading leader in the world with our transformation methodology. That change happens quickly, effectively and easily.

We deliver innovative solutions and services. We believe in facilitating environments where there is room for authenticity, creativity and excellence, allowing our customers to not only succeed, but also thrive in this competitive and dynamic world.


We believe that current challenges on any scale, micro, macro, meso, can be solved through a deep transformation.

A deep transformation of people and systems to contribute to a world with more connection, well-being, peace and sustainability. ‘Quick fixes’ and more of the same are no longer sufficient to overcome current challenges.


We believe our values ​​are the foundation for the positive impact we have on our customers, our communities, and the world as a whole.
As we grow and evolve, our values ​​provide a constant compass that helps us navigate a complex world with integrity and purpose.

* Heart and soul
* Groundbreaking
* Just one step ahead
* 100% responsible
* Growth mindset
* Personal mastery
* Team spirit
* Results-oriented

Our team

The LIGHTHORSE team has a wide range of talents, expertise and experiences, with a shared passion for transformation.
The coaches and trainers of LIGHTHORSE have completed a training course at LIGHTHORSE to become Transformation Coaches. In addition, LIGHTHORSE works with a permanent group Body & Mind experts for programs and with a network of professionals for the Incompany programs. So that we can put together a suitable team for each assignment to meet the needs and development goals.

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Sandra Geisler


Alwine van Heemstra


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Our principles

‘Current’ challenges can only be solved through a different consciousness and state of being.

Personality is not fixed but fluid; motives and drives and behavior can change.

You can transform old experiences and patterns and achieve desired circumstances and results from new consciousness.

You influence your energy and therefore your vitality and health.

The functioning of our brain is a consequence of our internal state and can therefore be influenced.

Why Horses

In new unknown situations you show your most familiar behavior. Horses respond to what you think, feel and express through your body language and not to the behavior you show. Horses are prey and herd animals and to survive they must sense what is happening inside and outside the herd.

Through the Transformation methodology and the coach, you are able to not only recognize which pattern stands in the way of achieving your most desired circumstances and results, but to immediately change the behavior from a different consciousness. development that is necessary for this. This allows you to immediately embody the new.

The way in which LIGHTHORSE works with horses cannot be compared to traditional horse coaching. We work with our own horses to ensure safety in our sessions. Experience the effect yourself immediately.

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Psilocybin in Therapy

In the world of psychological and psychiatric treatments, psilocybin, derived from certain truffles (legal in the Netherlands), has taken the spotlight as a promising tool for emotional and spiritual growth. Unlike traditional approaches, psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient, has an intriguing ability to tap into deeper levels of consciousness and can be a powerful tool in the quest for healing and recovery.

The use of psilocybin in therapies is not a new phenomenon, but recent scientific and clinical developments have led to renewed interest in its therapeutic potential. Studies show that when used carefully and with guidance, psilocybin can have a positive impact on the treatment of several mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction.

Psilocybin can break rigid, negative thought patterns associated with trauma, such as worry or self-blame. By creating space for cognitive flexibility, individuals can reframe potentially traumatic experiences and healthier beliefs take their place.

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Psilocybin improves communication between different brain areas. This allows new perspectives and insights to emerge and traumatic experiences to be integrated in a more constructive way.

For some, psilocybin can induce profound, mystical experiences characterized by feelings of unity, and deep emotional meaning. These experiences can promote personal growth, promote a sense of meaning, passion and purpose.

At LIGHTHORSE we use psilocybin from truffles in combination with therapy. Individual attention, personal attention and a safe environment are essential to us. Through professional supervision, the set (mindset of the individual) and setting (a controlled, supportive environment) and good preparation, profound transformations are possible.

We prefer to work one-on-one or in very small groups with several therapists. Every person has their own space.

Personal attention also helps with the integration process after a psilocybin experience. Integration involves reflecting on the experience, interpreting its meaning and applying insights into one’s life, where personal development can take place. This process can be complex and challenging and individual guidance is useful.

The psilocybin is an optional part of our extensive programs and trauma treatment or can also be experienced in the one-day Expand program. Although psilocybin aids in personal development, it is not a substitute for therapy, meditation, healthy lifestyle habits and other forms of personal development work.

Lighthorse works with psilocybin from truffles that are legal in the Netherlands.


Sandra Geisler is the founder and managing director of LIGHTHORSE. She grew up in a family that seemed happy and successful to the outside world, but from which she received an above-average backpack.

Due to the situations that occurred behind the scenes, she was often seriously ill. Despite the setbacks, she completed her university studies and went to work for one of the major consultants. However, a skiing accident put a hitch in her career plans: she became paralyzed and could barely tolerate noise and light. Because she was shut down, she could no longer deny her past and she now decided to be completely true to herself and to become healthy and vital and to live from passion and purpose. Her path to unity and wholeness and her desire to contribute and make a difference has laid the foundation for the transformation methodology.


LIGHT: Symbolizes consciousness, enlightenment, wisdom and purity.
HORSE: Horses symbolize life force, strength, freedom and movement. They have traditionally been used as a means of transportation. They also symbolize a journey, progress and transformation.

By combining the two elements LIGHT and HORSE, LIGHTHORSE represents Transformation; the journey to more freedom and love, wisdom and strength. It symbolizes harnessing the energy and power of life to move into a state of greater consciousness.
LIGHTHORSE stands for a resilient person or organization that is connected, courageous and persistent, wise and compassionate, present and decisive and has a clear purpose.

Salon tête-à-tête

A good conversation starts at the table.

Since 1997, Sandra Geisler has been organizing Tête-à-tête Salon meetings, a “different” meeting place for innovative entrepreneurs and leaders from business, government, science and social organizations. The meetings take place at unique locations. An average of two or three Salon meetings are organized per year. The number of participants in a Salon meeting is around 35 people. Larger meetings are also organized for up to around 100 people.

A Salon meeting starts with a welcome drink. The guests are then asked to take a seat at the table. After a short introduction and introduction, a starter is served. The speaker of the evening will then begin his or her presentation. After the main course, there will be a further exploration of the subject. The evening ends with dessert and coffee and tea.

Some topics from the past: Redefining capitalism with Herman Wijffels, Listen to the art of change with Miha Pogacnik, The role of corporate governance in value destruction and value creation with Donald Kalff, Gross national happiness; towards a new measure for well-being with Sander Tideman, Islamophobia and xenophobia with Ed van Thijn, The relationship between America and Europe with Maarten van Rossemj, Radicalization in the Netherlands with Ahmed Marcouch, A form of civilization: the inside of sustainability with Klaas van Egmond, Endless consciousness with Pim van Lommel.

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