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Alwine van Heemstra

Alwine van Heemstra

If you can find your own imperfections and those of others beautiful with love and humor, then you can take on the world!

I help you open your heart to yourself and learn to make room for emotions instead of pushing them away. Because only then can you connect with others and the other person can see and hear you.
I have been trained in working with the LIGHTHORSE Transformation Method and have been doing this for ten years now. In addition, I have completed training in Communication, in applying Psychedelics in personal development, working with the TMA motives and drives analysis to gain understanding in action and targeted development and in the Transformation Game to expose more of the unconscious patterns. lay.
My areas of focus at LIGHTHORSE are mainly the Breakthrough programs, Expand programs, Relationship programs and Team training.

With a background in communication and art, before I started working as a Transformation coach, I spent years filming special projects that took me to all kinds of places and situations in the world; in a home for refugee girls in Iran, in a civil war in DR Congo, with entrepreneurs in the poorest country in the world, Lesotho, to name a few. But also at companies such as TNT Express, Triodos Bank and Rabobank, where I mainly focused on CSR projects to promote diversity and sustainability in organizations and to bring employees into dialogue with each other and to resolve contradictions and challenges. The switch to Transformation Coaching was a logical progression for me; the common thread in my work is the pleasure I get from helping people connect with their authentic selves; open, creative and passionate, beyond fear, and from there to communicate and act freely.

At LIGHTHORSE, in combination with the Transformation methodology, I have seen many people blossom in our programs and training courses in a short time over the past ten years. I like the diversity of clients we have, business clients, young people, families, couples, small teams, large teams. It is always a beautiful new adventure to guide people through the transformation process. The best compliment is when we receive positive stories from people around our customers about the changes, or when we hear from a couple after a year how well things are still going, or when someone is now doing work that really suits him or her. , or when a sales team no longer operates from the perspective of everyone for themselves, but from ‘we’, with an eye for the customer and for each other. Others find me empathetic, playful, communicative, open, loving, reflective and connecting.

Alwine – A beautiful woman with empathy, gentleness and love and therefore a true example of the side of me that I would like to develop more. The combination of both of you and the pleasure you have together makes the program very strong.

Boardmember - Family businesses

Alwine, what self-love you have given me. Every time I seemed to get into an old groove again, you would pull me out of it with determination but so lovingly. You are gentle, loving and decisive. I’m glad I got to know you. Thank you.

S. - Private

Ik heb Alwine ervaren als het voorbeeld van vrouwelijke energie en de manier waarop zij aan het werk is gegaan met mijn angst voor emoties is zee helpend geweest.

Chairman Executive Board - Education Sector

This was not just any coaching for me. More of a final rescue
If I have to describe everything I have learned, I would be better off writing a book. Let’s tell them that I have a completely different perspective on life.
Alwine is a person who has had a lot of difficulty gaining my trust. And no one has actually ever succeeded.

Sales - Retail sector

I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning. Was even sceptical. However, that disappeared very quickly when I noticed what it did and brought to me. Heavy at times but very enlightening. Lots of support for Alwine when I was going through it.

Branch manager - Retail sector

Alwine has a nice energy and also puts you at ease and was able to penetrate into my inner self 🙂 Also with Alwine you notice that she has years of experience with coaching and guidance and can therefore penetrate to the origins and help you can show/feel how to deal with this.

M. - Retail business

Ik kwam naar lighthorse toe als iemand die zich niet durfde open te stellen voor andere, iemand die zich terug hield. Maar door de kracht vanuit jullie ging dat gevoel gewoon weg. Sandra en Alwine were both quick, clear and sharp with their observations about me. I have rarely felt the resonance that made me dare to open up and really go for this week in people.

S. - High school exam student

Alwine has challenged and supported me to go deeper and further. Her encouraging way of looking at other directions and areas of my life encouraged me to connect much more deeply with my origins of behavior.

L. - Hospitality sector

Tijdens alle sessies voelde ik me volledig veilig met Alwine om mijzelf en mijn emoties te benaderen.

L. - Private

Ik heb Alwine als een hele fijne open persoonlijkheid ervaren die zich goed kan inleven in de persoon. Door ook haar ervaring met haar gezin te delen met mij voelt dit persoonlijk waardoor je jezelf ook durft open te stellen.

Commercial manager - Retail sector