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Mabelle Smit

Mabelle Smit

When you become aware of your subconscious patterns and mechanisms, you make choices from your heart and live from your authentic self and your talent.

I am a transformation coach and trainer and trained at LIGHTHORSE by Sandra Geisler. Customers experience me as convincing, enthusiastic and a decisive person. I can quickly get to the essence. My motto is “Keep it simple!”
Within LIGHTHORSE I have been supervising various programs for ten years, including team training with the horses and personal development and leadership programs. My strength is to manage both the tangible matters and the soft side within teams, to ensure safety and trust from which to have a real conversation, to facilitate the right behavior and initiatives in order to excel.

From my private situation and personal development, I know the tricks of the trade. This allows me to guide people in a process in a coordinated and compassionate way, towards more connection, flow and, above all, pleasure in their lives.
I have an open personality, people quickly feel at ease with me and confide in me, which has enormous added value for my work as a Transformation coach.
Before that I worked as a detective. During a major burnout in 2013, I met Sandra and her horses.

I am married to Jasper and together we have an adult daughter Sarah. I really love animals and nature. Horses are my great passion. I spend a lot of time being with and training these wonderful clutter mirrors. I also guide riders and their horses during training, where connection, flow and fun are central.