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Sandra Geisler

Sandra Geisler

I am driven to make real transformations happen. You can’t solve a problem with the mindset that created it.

I am the founder and director of LIGHTHORSE, LIGHTHORSE FOUNDATION, public speaker and thought leader.

Over the past twenty years I have guided senior leaders, top teams and organizations in their change efforts.
Leaders to become more natural, resourceful and effective in their approach. Teams to create trust and alignment, use talents more wisely and overcome challenges and limiting patterns to be more coherent, effective and productive.

Organizations to be more effective and change successfully by increasing organizational health through Alignment, Execution and Renewal. Connecting the strategy and culture to its leadership and focusing on the behaviors and systems to support the required change.

I have developed a transformation methodology that has proven to be impactful and leads to immediate, lasting change and achieving desired results from within. From a new consciousness you develop new behavior through which you achieve desired results and circumstances and well-being and health. The transformation methodology is at the core of the work we do at LIGHTHORSE.

Because of my ambition to grow and develop and my experiences in overcoming childhood trauma, serious illnesses and physical paralysis, I now also help individuals with personal development, vitality and health, relationships, families and children with labels and trauma.

I believe that today’s challenges can be solved through a deep transformation of people and systems to contribute to greater connection, well-being and peace. At LIGHTHORSE, we therefore focus on work, relationships and the self to contribute to professional success, personal happiness, health and an overall sense of well-being and fulfillment.

In my approach I am able to discuss ‘difficult’ themes clearly. I have an eye for what’s happening beneath the surface and to translate insights directly into everyday reality. Others find me decisive, broadly developed with a lot of life experience. I keep going until the desired and maximum result is achieved. I do my work with passion, love and pleasure.

I have a background in performance and competency management, leadership development and value creation strategies. I have worked for KPMG and as director of Leaders for Nature IUCN.
I have worked with more than twenty well-known organizations in the Netherlands at board level, director level and professional level and supported their change efforts.

In 1997, I founded Salon Tête-à-tête where I bring together leaders in unique locations with eminent guest speakers to facilitate dialogue on relevant topics at the dinner table.

Sandra is a fantastic coach, energetic, persistent, broadly developed, good breakthroughs (and it was quite groundbreaking work…), safe setting, beautiful environment and excellent care. Very expert coach on a really broad spectrum. And skilled, great other coaches.

CFO - Public sector

Sandra is a special woman with special qualities. She brings professionalism and expertise together with spirituality and a sharp observational skills. She dares to take action and tell it like it is, but she also respects you and creates a trusting environment. Above all, Sandra is very dedicated and will not give up until she has achieved the desired result with you. For a process like this, it is important that there is a personal match, but that the person in front of you is at the same time sufficiently powerful to convince and guide you. In Sandra’s case, both were present for me. Sometimes, in all honesty, I was also fed up with her boundless energy and dedication, but at the same time I also know that this is her strength in projects like this. I introduced friends and colleagues to her with great confidence.

Managing Director - Financial sector

Sandra – She sees / feels what is needed and what is in the way, helps and supports, but also dares to point out the points where you really have something to do and also shows / experiences this in working with the horses . She really makes the difference here… you can’t get away with an answer that stays on the surface.

Chairman Executive Board - Education sector

Sandra you are sweet, strong, full of strength, energy, love and humor. I will always remember the hours with you. Your sharpness, the connections you see, the dedication to me, I cherish it all. Thank you.

S. - Private

Sandra – What a beautiful, special and powerful woman you are. With so much life experience that you also share. You are decisive and keep going until you have achieved the desired and maximum result. You guide with passion, love and pleasure. And you have created a wonderful program.

Boardmember - Family businesses

I came to lighthorse as someone who did not dare to open up to others, someone who held back. But because of the power from you, that feeling simply went away. Sandra and Alwine were both quick, clear and sharp with their observations about me. I have rarely felt the resonance that made me dare to open up and really go for this week in people.

High school Exam student

Sandra makes you feel like she knows you and puts you very much at ease and really lets you see/feel where the origins of the ‘points for improvement’ lie and how to deal with them differently. You notice that Sandra has years of experience and can coach in various areas. It is a nice combination of theory, business, spiritual, physical and horse coaching.

M. - Real estate

I think Sandra is a fantastic coach, she is very broadly developed and very confidence-inspiring.

HR advisor - Retail Sector

Sandra has helped me to get more in touch with my feelings, inner strength and intuition. Which makes me feel better and know what I want, both privately and professionally.

Manager - Technological sector

Sandra’s continuous presence made the difference in my program, she constantly monitored what was needed to achieve results. She is very experienced, dedicated, patient and so much more.

Precurement and Construction Director

I found Sandra to be very knowledgeable. In addition to her sessions with the horses where she can highlight situations and mirror them to myself, Sandra is very accessible in her being, she can highlight feelings and the origins of feelings in more depth. She is committed and driven to help you.

Commercial manager - Retail sector