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Do you no longer want endless sessions and talking about things and directly experiencing how you can achieve the desired circumstances and results?

The time we live in is known by speed, change, stimuli, stress and ambition. This puts pressure on our relationships and our well-being and requires more resilience and adaptability. It is important to take good care of ourselves and prioritize our physical and mental health, cherish our relationships and family, and have understanding and compassion.

Learn to act in the here and now from strength, wisdom and love and make a difference in connection with your environment. This is the basis of communication and cooperation in every relationship.

We offer coaching, training, assessments and intensive development programs and a unique Transformation methodology.

In our programs we work body-oriented and with psilocybin truffles, a legal mind-expanding drug.

We work with adults and young people to achieve desired conditions and results.

Personal development, Vitality and health, Relationships, Families, Young people with labels, Trauma.

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Reviews from our clients


I thought it was an impressive program that exceeded my expectations. It was sometimes uncomfortable, emotional, tiring, but it was worth the hard work. I have great respect and appreciation for the efforts, dedication and love of Sandra and Alwine. It came in some pretty awkward packaging, but it was a wonderful gift!


LIGHTHORSE’s programs, vision and approach are very special, 360 and include various elements that make you really look and feel inside instead of standard rationalization. Absolutely recommended! Especially the one-week breakthrough program.


Life changing. My gut had been telling me for a long time that I had to get out of my comfort zone to continue learning, my mind was playing ping-pong with my gut. Many techniques and sessions used connected well with each other, the body and mind session after the psilocybin connected very well and released many emotions. I’m glad I made the right choice.


Truly a breakthrough! I felt that there was something really wrong with me, after all I was the only constant in all my experiences. Fortunately, Sandra and Alwine did not let me escape so I felt safe going through the dust. I am so very grateful, this was the best investment of my life.


Fantastic program! Which has a beautiful structure; the order of the sessions was correct. And with super driven coaches and working with horses is an experience.


The insights gained are valuable, the tools provided are pragmatic and effective.
Psilocybin journey: game changer. This session helped to remove the cause of certain behavioral beliefs through healing at a deeper level. As a result of this trip, the effect of the transformation coaching sessions has been strengthened.


I had a real breakthrough. And also learned a lot about myself.


I have so much more peace within myself. With everything I can now fall back on my own strength, because I am more stable. My opinion suddenly matters to me and I know that I can do a lot of things very well, that I am unique. In relation to people around me, I am a lot more effective in communicating and I am full of self-confidence.


Powerful, a lot of attention, and a really nice atmosphere. Every coach and expert I saw during the week made me feel very welcome, which created an environment where learning was successful.

Anonymous - Eindexamen leerling

The depth, experiencing the theories, the personal attention and really feeling make it a truly distinctive and in-depth program.

Anonymous - Board member familie bedrijven

I came to Lighthorse through my wife because I have Parkinson’s. I am a retired doctor and suspected that there was a deeper cause behind my complaints. By dealing with a childhood trauma, I was able to walk better again and the symptoms decreased considerably.

Retired doctor

It was an amazing experience. Very intense, but I liked that because you can’t wander off. Mega professional guidance and everything perfectly organised. I felt very comfortable and am very grateful that I was able to experience this. It really was the start of a ‘new me’. Thank you very much for the wonderful guidance and all the tools that I can now apply in my daily life for an even better life 🙂 x


I came to Lichthorse with an autism label and found it difficult to make social contacts and function in groups and in my student house. After a few sessions things went much better and I saw an immediate effect.


We are doing well after the relationship program. We talk a lot more, so there is more connection. On all levels. ? You do fantastic work and we are now reaping the benefits of it every day. Thank you very much.

It looks like a lot has been improved and deepened. It was healing for my mistrust.


A year after our relationship program, I can report that we have been living together again since the summer. Still nice for the results of the program ❤ 


For me the combination of looking back at your old pains and script and planning for the future with clear goals and objectives really helps the lessons learned country very well. I am still using these lessons everyday, I’m aware more and more of the insights I have taken away from Lighthorse. I can recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to transform certain behaviors or patterns. It’s not the easy way but it is the best way I have experienced 🙂


I am more aware of my strength and am therefore more confident in life. I go back to my feelings at times when my “old paralyzed” self comes around the corner. From that feeling comes the strength to deal with it.


We look back on special days. The safe atmosphere, the theory, the assignments,… everything was good, to the point and nice. This allowed the difficult conversations to be discussed and we found each other again, as well as a shared perspective for the future.


We have already worked with other relationship coaches, but were never able to reach this depth. Special, never to be forgotten.


The coaches really give everything to achieve the desired result.


Words fail to describe this relationship program


I was desperate because my partner was not doing well due to my porn addiction. After 30 years of addiction, I have learned the reason for this and have been freed from it.


I joined Lighthorse because I wasn’t doing well at school and my final exams, I was on my phone too much and I was having problems with my mother. In the program I discovered that I had many fears because of what I had experienced and that I did not trust anyone and that was why I had already seen many psychologists. After the program, I did well at school, I passed, things are going better at home and I am now going to travel the world!

High school Exam student

We came for a family session because our eldest daughter has ADHD and tantrums and, in addition to medication, we wanted to look at how we as parents in the family can deal with this better. This session and the follow-up were very enlightening and made a lot clear about deeper patterns and what is going on with us as parents and how we can have a positive influence on the whole.


I liked that the coach was very personal and did not respond according to the book. I got stuck because I wasn’t doing well at school, I was depressed and I was smoking pot. The sessions made me know that I have a talent and I started doing the things I really like instead of what my parents want. And now things are going well and my parents understand me too.

High school student

Our daughter has difficulty with social contacts and is somewhat anxious. After the family session we learned what role we play in this and how we can be there for her.


I joined Lighthorse because I was depressed, had difficulty motivating myself to study and got bad grades, was addicted to the phone and secretly drank because I couldn’t sleep. After a few sessions I felt much better, I was able to concentrate, my grades went up and I made new friends who suited me better. I feel much better about myself now.

High school student

Personal development

Become a designer of your life and experience how you can achieve the desired results in a short time. Discover the impact of our Transformation methodology.

In the programs you gain clarity about your purpose, transform old patterns and develop effective behavior based on a new awareness, so that you create desired circumstances and make a difference.

We have experience with formulating purpose, career choices, work life balance, burnout, vitality and health, dealing with stress, developing self-confidence, indicating your wishes and boundaries, dealing with emotions and conflicts or major events, grief and loss, fears, relationships, sexual challenges and trauma.

Breakthrough Program
Expand Program
Beyond Program

Vitality & health

Feel energetic and vital and improve your health. We emphasize the undeniable link between emotional well-being, stress and physical health.

It encourages us to not only treat the symptoms, but also address the underlying causes, leading to more profound and lasting improvements in our health and well-being.

A holistic approach that takes into account body, mind and soul is the key to improving energy, vitality and health, because they are interconnected and influence each other. We assume the self-healing, regenerative capacity of body and mind.

Transforming deep-rooted, limiting patterns and tension has profound consequences for our health, energy and vitality. These patterns may be physical habits, mental beliefs, or emotional traumas. By transforming these patterns, we remove blockages, increase our well-being, improve our energy levels, strengthen our vitality and alleviate health problems.

We have experience with mental challenges, work life balance, burnout, lethargy, sleep problems, PTSD, depression, weight problems, eating disorders and addictions and support for physical conditions such as Parkinson’s, heart disease, malignant tumors and thyroid disorders.
We always recommend that you consult a doctor in case of physical complaints.

Breakthrough Program
Beyond Program


How do you shape an ultimate relationship and how do you maintain it in the long term? During the Ultimate Relationship program you will go through the steps of the LIGHTHORSE relationship model.

The program consists of theory, joint exercises and conversations, reflection and individual coaching for both partners.

By not just talking, but especially by doing and experiencing the cases, and through the various program components, the tools and the personal guidance, you know where to find each other again, you feel the click, the understanding and respect and its unexpected twists again. and breakthroughs possible. This can really take the relationship to another level.

The intense, experiential program significantly accelerates your development and is much less time-consuming and frustrating than months or years of traditional coaching or therapy. The experience of others who have gone before you shows that they were able to achieve major changes and desired results and that the impact of the program ultimately went far beyond what they thought possible and that it is difficult or impossible to match that with only individual coaching. .

For whom
The program is offered to couples who want to make a difference in just a few days and achieve different circumstances and results.

We have experience with couples (heterosexual and same-sex) who want to deepen, extend or renew their relationship; who grow apart or get stuck and want to look for the next step and a solution. We work with couples to improve communication, deal with irritations, certain life choices of the partner, loss of interest, passion in each other, infidelity, sexual challenges, trauma and grief.

In addition to the Deep Dive program, we also offer a one-day program for couples where you will gain deeper insight into your position as partners and where you will learn about the basic principles of a healthy and passionate relationship.

For people who want to learn individually about relationships, we offer open registration days a few times a year in which you learn why you do what you do and what it takes to have the relationship you desire.

Ultimate Relationship Deep Dive for couples – 3 days
Ultimate Relationship Light for couples – 1 day from 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Ultimate Relationship open registration if you want to learn individually about relationships – 1 day from 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


Become a family that together is more than the sum of its parts.
Gain more insight into the dynamics in your family and create more connection, trust, peace, openness and fun and learn to understand each other better.

How do you respond to each other and what effect does that have? The behavior and attitudes of parents have a major influence on family dynamics and the relationships between children. It is essential that parents model respect, empathy and effective communication.

The challenges and stresses that parents experience have a direct impact on the child’s development. These can disrupt the child’s ability to form healthy attachments and lead to behavioral problems and complications that manifest immediately and/or later.

During our programs you experience the impact of the importance of secure attachment and you gain direct insight into the underlying patterns of parents and children and how you as a parent can deal with this effectively. You are no longer guided by primary reactions and experience that you have a choice, so that you can achieve the desired circumstances and results from strength and connection.

Our programs are unique because you go through clear steps, receive theory, tools and handles and you not only talk about challenges and how things can be done differently, but you directly experience what is happening in the moment and get to work on it. You can immediately apply the newly learned behavior and make a difference.

We have experience in guiding (blended) families, parents and children with questions such as how to deal with (hyper)active children, emotions, tensions or many arguments, how to set boundaries, how to deal with authority and punishment. Difference in parenting
Families with children with high sensitivity, aggression, disorders, insecurities, bedwetting, sleeping problems, fears, ADD, autism and trauma.

Family Workshop with Horses
Parent Workshop for parents open registration


Today’s youth are experiencing a wide range of challenges and some of these challenges have been further amplified by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on social contact, distance learning and uncertainty about the future have contributed to feelings of isolation, anxiety and stress.

Below are some of the key challenges.

Youth are confronted with complex social dynamics, including peer pressure, online interactions and the search for their own identity. Social media can play a role in creating unrealistic expectations and comparing yourself to others.

Depression and anxiety are common mental health problems among young people and academic pressure, social isolation, and uncertainty about the future can contribute to this.

Young people may face the temptation of various forms of addiction, including alcohol, drugs and problematic social media use. Access to these resources and the pressure to cope with them can compound the challenges.

Labeling young people with certain mental health diagnoses can impact their self-image and social interactions.

The pressure for academic success can be overwhelming. Young people sometimes experience intense competition and pressure to perform. This can lead to stress and burnout.

Using digital devices and social media has its benefits, but it can also lead to problems such as addiction, sleep disorders and a feeling of constant connectivity.

Young people may face financial pressures, both directly and indirectly influenced by economic conditions. This can affect their access to education, opportunities and overall well-being.

It is important to recognize that the challenges youth face are complex and interconnected. An integrated approach is crucial to help young people deal with these challenges and promote healthy development.

Our way of working is well suited to young people. In just a few sessions you will achieve clear progress and desired conditions and results will be achieved.

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