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LIGHTHORSE has proven itself over the years. Participants indicate that they get more out of it than they previously thought possible.

Purpose: Coaching focuses on helping individuals achieve specific goals, often related to personal development, career, leadership or overcoming challenges.
Nature: Coaching sessions are usually one-on-one and focus on setting goals, identifying obstacles, transforming patterns and developing new effective behaviors and developing strategies for personal growth. In the coaching sessions, the Transformation methodology is applied with working with the horses and systemic sessions. With our transformation coaching you can achieve real breakthroughs in just a few coaching sessions.
Duration: One and a half to two hours.

Purpose: Intensives provide deep and intensive experiences. They can focus on specific themes such as personal transformation and emotional processing.
Nature: Intensives vary in format and length, but they often involve longer, more focused sessions than regular coaching. Our Programs are small-scale in nature to ensure maximum results. They can be given individually or for a small group of two to four participants.
Duration: An intensive lasts one to six days, depending on the program and goals.

Objective: Trainings are aimed at acquiring specific skills, knowledge and new insights that are applicable to the participant and/or the team and organization.
Nature: Trainings are structured, with clear learning objectives and modules. They are both practice-oriented and theoretical and are mainly given to groups.
Duration: Trainings vary from several hours to several days, depending on the topic and complexity of the content.

Custom Made Programs
Purpose: Customized programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and goals of an individual, team or organization.
Nature: These programs focus on alignment, execution and renewal of organization, teams and individuals and are a combination of coaching, training and research.
Duration: The duration of Custom made programs can vary greatly and depends on the complexity of the goals and content of the program.

LIGHTHORSE offers Coaching, Intensives, Trainings and Custom made programs for business and private customers in Dutch, English and German. LIGHTHORSE’s Transformation methodology forms the basis of all our services.

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Transform to succeed and thrive

During the LIGHTHORSE coaching sessions you will work on concrete development goals and achieve real breakthroughs in just a few sessions. In the Coaching sessions, the Transformation methodology is applied with working with the horses and systemic sessions. This allows you to overcome limiting patterns and from a new awareness you develop new effective behavior and achieve your desired results, well-being and vitality.

Time: A Coaching session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.
For whom: Our Coaching is for both business and personal clients.
Language: The sessions are given in Dutch, English and German.


Transform your life to succeed and thrive

The Breakthrough program gives you the opportunity to realize real breakthroughs and manifest desired results and circumstances in your life.

In this unique program you will experience how you can learn to shape your life according to your standards in your work, your relationship(s) and for yourself.
You will gain insight into the factors that contribute to your current situation, what your most desired situation is and what it takes to shape it.
You will work from early to late with coaching and training and a substantive program. You work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The small scale of the program and the personal guidance make this program not only a unique experience, but also very effective and impactful.

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Transform and unleash your consciousness to succeed and thrive

Are you looking for more self-insight, connection, self-healing and personal growth, and would you like to take the next step, individually or with just a few other people in a beautiful natural environment, then LIGHTHORSE’s unique Expand program is really something for you. During a full-day program you will receive a thorough intake, formulate a development goal and do a systemic setup using the LIGHTHORSE methodology and take a truffle journey. The use of psilocybin in truffles is legal in the Netherlands.

LIGHTHORSE integrates truffle journeys into personal development processes and programs to quickly achieve real breakthroughs and desired results and circumstances. The combination of a systemic setup and a truffle journey makes this program unique. It provides a deeper insight into your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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The Beyond program is an advanced program aimed at achieving a state of relaxation and well-being, based on principles of the LIGHTHORSE Transformation methodology and other techniques for well-being and overall health.

The goal of the BEYOND program is to live more consciously, to experience a deeper connection with yourself, the world and the bigger picture. You learn to live even more from the alignment of mind, body and soul, from your strength, wisdom and compassion. It helps you live more in the moment, reduce stress and achieve a state of inner peace and well-being.
For whom
This program is for individuals who have completed a Breakthrough Program.

The program lasts three days.

The program consists of personal guidance and support that help you understand, deepen and master the LIGHTHORSE Transformation methodology as well as Meditations and Mindfulness, Sound and visualizations, breathing techniques, energy work and physical exercises.

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