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Transform your life to succeed and thrive

Change can be a long process as people often struggle with breaking old patterns and achieving lasting results.

LIGHTHORSE’s Breakthrough program offers you the opportunity to experience real breakthroughs and achieve desired results in your life. Discover how you can shape your life according to your own standards in the areas of work, relationships and vitality and well-being in just a few days.

Why the Breakthrough program

More than ever, people need change and growth in their lives. The Breakthrough program offers a unique opportunity to experience profound transformations in just a few days and take your life to new heights. Whether you are looking for professional growth, fulfilling relationships or personal vitality and well-being, this program will help you go to the next level and realize your full potential and achieve desired results. This is why the Breakthrough is LIGHTHORSE’s flagship program.

Breaking old patterns and creating lasting change can be a challenging journey. We understand the obstacles you may encounter and provide a supportive environment in which you can develop and grow. Our Breakthrough program helps you gain deep insights, release limiting patterns and develop new effective behavior. You become resourceful and are able to handle challenges with ease and shape desired circumstances.

For whom

The Breakthrough program is for anyone who wants to change quickly and permanently and see the desired results immediately. Whether you’re struggling with personal challenges, pursuing professional goals, or simply looking for a fast and effective way to make progress, the Breakthrough Program offers the solution you need. Some examples of the challenges and goals participants may have prior to the program include:

Next-level leadership, such as developing leadership skills to effectively navigate complex and challenging environments, and to inspire teams to exceptional performance.
Development of specific skills, such as leading large-scale change processes, increasing emotional intelligence and empathy, and improving communication skills.
Working on certain relationships, such as improving relationships on a personal and/or professional level, such as relationships with colleagues, family members and partners.
Recovery from burnout, such as dealing with stress and exhaustion, and restoring a healthy work-life balance.
Improvement of energy and vitality, such as regaining energy and vitality to be able to fully participate again in daily life and work.
Recovery from certain illnesses, such as dealing with health problems and pursuing recovery and well-being.
Dealing with depression and addiction, such as exploring opportunities for personal growth and recovery from mental illnesses such as depression and addiction.

What is needed for Success

The Breakthrough program requires openness and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. With LIGHTHORSE’s effective transformation methodology you transform old patterns and limitations and develop new effective behavior so that you achieve desired circumstances and results. This enables you to make real breakthroughs and changes in your life.

Discover Your Path to Success

Step out of your daily routine and immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will change your life forever. Prepare to reach your full potential and thrive in every aspect of your life in just a few days.


The intense and concise experience program significantly accelerates your development and is much less time-consuming than months or years of traditional coaching and training.


Participants in the Breakthrough program come with a wide range of challenges and goals in the areas of work, relationships and vitality, well-being and health. Regardless of the specific challenges and goals participants have prior to the program, after the program they are resourceful, have maximized their potential, developed new effective behaviors and achieved desired results and often more than they thought possible. Those close to the participants, such as managers, colleagues, employees, family and friends, also immediately experience the change.

The program

You will work from early to late with a substantive program, transformation coaching (systemic and with horses), body and mind sessions, meditations and you will take a mind-expanding truffle journey (optional). You do exercises and assignments and work towards a concrete plan that provides you with direction and tools after the program. You work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Day 1: Why am I where I am and what does my most desired situation look like.
Day 2: Expand your consciousness and let go
Day 3: Surrender to your true self and unleash your potential sacred truffle journey (optional)
Day 4: The road to an ultimate relationship
Day 5: Leading the way forward. Create your integration plan

Optional: Extra day: Deepening the connection. This day provides space to make a sacred truffle journey, a solo in nature and further depth.

Custom made

The Breakthrough program lasts 5 or 6 days. The duration of the program is adapted to the goals, challenges and circumstances of the participants to ensure an effective and valuable experience and achieve desired results.

The substantive program is tailor-made based on an extensive intake and the goals of the participant(s).

Preparation and aftercare

Before the start of the program, you complete an extensive intake and a motives and motivations analysis that measures 22 dimensions and 44 motives and motivations. You will receive 2 reports of this. After the program, each participant has the opportunity to schedule three check-in conversations to discuss progress and can join regular online sessions to maintain the resourceful state


The small scale of the program and the personal guidance make this program not only a unique experience, but also very effective and impactful. Participation is individual or with one to three other participants.

Are you interested

Make an appointment without obligation and discover how you can transform and realize real breakthroughs with LIGHTHORSE.

What others say about the Breakthrough program

‘This program stands out because psychological scientific theory is explained very clearly, so that everyone can understand it. Through the work with the horses and all other sessions you experience and feel what has been theoretically explained.’

‘The breakthrough program has made a huge difference for me compared to previous coaching. Mirroring my behavior with the horses had a profound impact on my emotional connection with myself and the way I behave towards others, it caused me to act and react differently. In short: this really works if you put your mind to it.’

‘I have never experienced anything so effective and powerful, even though I have quite a lot of experience with psychologists and also spiritual things.’

‘The coaches are literally there for you day and night and really give everything to achieve the desired result. And the small scale of the group is very nice.’

‘The unique tailored approach and combination of all the various types of sessions really comes together to something absolutely amazing.’

‘It is much more holistic, more integrated, more commitment from the team, addition of special, spiritually valuable elements!’

‘Sandra and her team create a safe and supportive environment in which I dared to surrender myself. It is a journey that confronts you, inspires you and ultimately transforms you permanently. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do this. Lighthorse has an ambassador for life in me.’

‘This program is completely different, and it is truly an art how conversations and insights arise. It goes much deeper and is more personal from the perspective of guidance.’

‘Reborn, turning point, life changing. Emotionally intense but also energizing because I feel liberated’

‘Sandra and her team create a safe and supportive environment in which I dared to surrender myself. It is a journey that confronts you, inspires you and ultimately transforms you permanently. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do this. Lighthorse has an ambassador for life in me.’

‘One of the most special, groundbreaking, powerful and loving experiences in my life ever!!!!

‘Followed many other coaches and training courses, but was never able to reach this depth. Special, never to be forgotten.’

‘It is precisely the combination of theory, practice and relaxation on the one hand. Which means that the day didn’t feel long at all to me. It really is a circle.’

‘More versatile and deeper, combination of constellations, coaching sessions, meditations, horses, writing and 5 days, which really makes things work.’

‘Incredibly insightful and impactful. If you go into it with an open mind and ‘ready’, the change you want will come’

‘The personal and purely focused approach in combination with the drive and tenacity of the staff makes the biggest difference. The material and experiences are therefore experienced much more intensely.’

‘Truly a breakthrough! I felt that something was really wrong with me, after all I was the only constant in all my experiences. Fortunately, Sandra and Alwine did not let me escape so I felt safe going through the dust. I am so very grateful, this was the best investment of my life.’

‘Tailormade program!, good planning and order’

‘I have already done a lot because I knew there was something wrong. In other coaching it was touched upon, but not resolved so that a festering wound remained, which put me even more in denial. Now it has been transformed and I see love in everything. I have never felt so connected and happy with myself.’

‘It was truly a life-changing experience, led by the most amazing team (Thank you Sandra, Alwine and all other team members), resulting in some amazing new experiences and insights. It was a mix of confrontation, emotional digestion, physical exercise, total relaxation, meditation, and making new friends. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of the program and will remember this for the rest of my life.’

“Like a personal, mind-expanding journey where I am reborn, fantastic!”

‘Life changing. My gut had been telling me for a long time that I had to get out of my comfort zone to continue learning, my mind was playing ping-pong with my gut. I’m glad I made the right choice.’

‘The program is much more intensive than other programs. The combination of theory, practice (exercises) and relaxation immediately produces valuable behavioral change (insights).’

‘It is the combination of all the parts together that make the whole. What I experienced during the breathing session was reflected in a guided meditation and the journey. During the session with Sandra, seeds were subtly planted that found their way into my subconscious.

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