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Leading with Impact

Become the leader who leads change

Our world is changing rapidly. Only a third of excellent organizations remain successful in the long term, and even fewer are able to implement change well, with ‘behaviour’ always in the top 3 reasons for failure. This emphasizes the importance of the ability to get people to actually DO the things that the organization has in mind.

The current era is characterized by increasing complexity, change and uncertainty. This demands more from leaders, teams and organizations than ever before. Leaders are asked to show natural leadership. Teams need coordination, trust and development power, among other things, and organizations need to focus on alignment, execution and renewal to navigate successfully.

Transformation Methodology

At LIGHTHORSE we have developed a unique transformation methodology that allows you to achieve rapid, effective and lasting behavioral change and results, while becoming more vital and increasing your well-being. Our approach is both practical and scientific and based on proven principles. Transforming individuals, teams and organizations is essential to solving today’s challenges.

Program content

We offer a 3-day program:

Day 1. Leading Self: Increase your self-awareness and strengthen your natural leadership. Work from your passion and talent and overcome pitfalls.
Day 2. Leading Others:Strengthen collaboration and engagement  of relationships and in teams and build trust and open communication.
Day 3. Leading Organization and the way forward: Lead the change and build a healthy organization.

The substantive program is tailor-made based on an extensive intake and the wishes and needs of the participant(s). We offer the program both individually and together with others.

Why Leading with impact

The Leading with Impact program combines theory and practice, content and personal cases, and training and coaching, individual and group exercises. This makes what has been learned immediately embodied and applicable. At LIGHTHORSE you learn and transform so that you immediately develop new and effective behavior and achieve desired results.
This leadership program is for anyone who wants to develop his or her leadership, without long coaching or training, and achieve immediate results.

What others are saying

‘I immediately experienced the difference in my team. Super effective, highly recommended!’
‘I have followed many training courses, but have never been able to achieve such concrete results before . I was able to immediately apply what I had learned!’
‘Working with personal cases and the commitment of the guidance to what has been learned actually being able to put it into practice has made the difference.’
‘Really out of my comfort zone, but never so much in such a short time seen a tangible result.’
‘The small scale really makes the difference. This leaves room for personal issues.
‘It is precisely the combination of theory and practice and the program elements that made the difference for me.’
‘I learned a lot, also from the cases of the other participants.’
‘Tailormade program!, good planning and order.’

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