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Natural leadership with horses

Become an effective authentic leader

Natural leadership is essential today because it requires leaders who are authentic, empathetic and resilient. In a world full of change and complexity, we need leaders who are able to connect, inspire and innovate. Natural leadership fosters a culture of trust, collaboration and growth, enabling organizations and communities to be resilient and achieve sustainable success.

Discover the essential qualities that distinguish you as an effective and authentic leader during our Natural Leadership with Horses training. In today’s time, traditional leadership is no longer sufficient. LIGHTHORSE’s Natural Leadership training offers a unique opportunity to develop essential leadership qualities by focusing on strengthening presence, direction, true relationships, engagement, vitality and energy, and personal mastery. By developing these qualities, you as a leader can adapt more effectively to changing circumstances, build inspiring teams, achieve sustainable results and lead change.

Natural leadership

In this training you will learn/work on the five characteristics of a natural leader:
Presence: Be present in the moment and learn to deal flexibly with challenges and changes.
Direction: Provide a compass for action amid uncertainty and work together toward common goals.
True relationships: Build strong relationships for trust, collaboration and resilience.
Engagement: Motivate and involve others to achieve common goals.
Vitality and energy: Maintain resilience and effectiveness by investing in well-being and energy.
Personal mastery: Grow, learn and adapt to make effective decisions and inspire others.

LIGHTHORSE believes in the power of individual talents and the possibility of transformation. Using the TMA Talent Analysis and our proven Transformation methodology, we are able to help you fully develop your leadership potential and drive real change.

What is TMA Talent Analysis

TMA stands for Talent Motivation Analysis, an advanced instrument that provides deep insight into your talents, competencies and motivations. Through scientifically based assessments you get a clear picture of your strengths, development areas and intrinsic motivation.
Our coaches and trainers will analyze and interpret your TMA profile together with you. We identify your unique talents and help you understand how you can leverage them to strengthen your leadership and achieve your goals.

Transformation methodology: achieving real change

At LIGHTHORSE we have developed a unique transformation methodology with which you achieve rapid, effective and lasting behavioral change and results, while becoming more vital and increasing your well-being. Our approach is both practical and scientific and based on proven principles. Transforming individuals, teams and organizations is essential to solving today’s challenges.


During the training you will work on the transformation methodology, your motivations, talents and pitfalls, exercises with horses, reflection and you will immediately put what you have learned into practice. Become a natural leader who makes a difference.

For whom

We offer both in-company training and open registrations. The Natural Leadership training is open to leaders at all levels and from all sectors. Whether you’re an experienced leader looking to hone your skills or an emerging leader looking to discover your potential, this training is for you.

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