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Parent Workshop with Horses

Transform as parents to succeed and thrive

A unique parent experience

Do you recognize one or more of the following things within your family?

  • The mutual bond could use a boost?
  • Would you like to improve mutual communication within the family?
  • Do you experience mutual tensions or subcutaneous tensions, do you not know where they come from and how to deal with them?
  • Do you find being clear and setting boundaries a challenge?
  • Do you have difficulty with the behavior of one or more children in your family?
  • Do you have difficulty dealing with your own emotions and those of your child?
  • Do you keep looking at the same thing and cannot break certain patterns?

Natural leadership with horses

In this workshop you will work with other parents to communicate better with a horse, to communicate more effectively, to be more open, honest and clearer, and at the same time remain true to yourself. This creates fewer misunderstandings, tensions and disagreements in the family. Less energy is also lost and there is more peace, relaxation and pleasure.
We call this natural leadership. You get things done naturally and easily from your strength instead of having to be authoritarian, angrily punitive. You often show this behavior because you are insufficiently able to deal with the challenges of the moment.


By doing various exercises with a horse, you become clear what your strengths and challenges are in raising them, what your underlying patterns are that prevent you from getting the desired relationship or interaction and what you need to do this from your strength and with convenience can be achieved.

A workshop that distinguishes itself from other programs because you not only talk and exchange about your challenges, but you also get to work on them and you immediately see clear results!
We work from a systemic approach and in addition to the horses (which mirror a lot of our behavior and emotions), we also really work on the transformation of limiting patterns within your family.

We work exclusively with the horse from the ground up. The horses are not ridden.

In this workshop you will learn how

  • Everyone stands up for themselves from their strength and can therefore also be there for others
  • You can put effective behavior into practice and thereby achieve desired results
  • You can break through restrictive family patterns

The result
Your foundation within the family is strengthened by more trust, respect and open and honest communication. Family relationships change and get a boost, creating more fun and a stronger family bond. You will see that situations have different, more positive results and that this day leads to lasting (behavioral) change.


  • Welcome and introduction to natural leadership and working with horses
  • Group exercise: ‘how do you become a reliable and safe herd together?’
  • Individual exercise: How do I achieve my desired results within our family
  • Group exercise: ‘Go through an obstacle course together and with a horse’
  • Final evaluation

Practical information:
For: Parents
Duration: 10am – 5pm

Why are horses such wonderful teachers

Horses are non-judgmental, honest mirrors, giving us immediate feedback in every situation. They live in the wild in a herd. As humans we can learn a lot from their group dynamics, (non-verbal) communication and leadership style. In order to survive, horses have evolved into highly sensitive and social animals, able to notice the slightest inconsistency in their environment. Horses feel and respond to our intentions, emotions and thoughts, which we express ‘unconsciously’ through our body language. You will learn to become more aware of this based on the horse’s reactions and the coach’s intervention. Sessions with horses are highly interactive and provide direct learning experiences that are difficult to obtain in a more traditional learning environment.