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Teams in flow with horses

The team to new heights

Take your team’s collaboration and performance to new heights. Discover the power of Teams in Flow with horse training.

Teams can face various challenges, such as communication problems, lack of collaboration, dealing with change,  conflicts and tensions, lack of shared vision . Teams in Flow with horses offers an in-depth insight into how teams can flourish and excel in their work. During our training we immediately apply the Teams in Flow theory and we work with a talents and motivations analysis, the Transformation methodology of LIGHTHORSE and working with horses. Teams in Flow offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to team development, combining theory, deep insight and experience with practical application to help teams thrive and maximize their potential.

The essential principles of Teams in Flow

During our training, participants will explore the essential principles of Teams in Flow and how to apply them to create a cohesive and high-functioning team:
Harmony: Create an environment of respect, trust and collaboration for support and unique contributions.
Clarity: Set clear goals and expectations to promote understanding and contribution to the bigger picture.
Strength: Leverage individual strengths for synergy and maximum impact.
Resilience: Build teams that are flexible and recover quickly from challenges.
Flow: Encourage creativity, innovation and productivity for effortless work.

TMA Talent Analysis

We use a Talent Motives Analysis (TMA) to identify the unique talents and motivations of yourself, the team members and the team. By understanding everyone’s strengths and challenges and working on them, you can optimize team dynamics and make the most of complementary skills.

Transformation Methodology: Achieving Real Change

At LIGHTHORSE we have developed a unique transformation methodology that allows you to achieve rapid, effective and lasting behavioral change and results, while becoming more vital and increasing your well-being. Our approach is both practical and scientific and based on proven principles. Transforming individuals, teams and organizations is essential to solving today’s challenges.

Practical exercises with horses

An important aspect of our training is working with horses. Horses are sensitive and intuitive animals that respond to non-verbal cues, emotion and energy. In new, unfamiliar situations, people show their most familiar behavior. By working with specific goals and your team with horses and applying our Transformation methodology, you gain direct insight into leadership, roles, communication skills and team dynamics, among other things. Team members immediately apply what they have learned, allowing teams to work together more effectively and achieve better results.

During the Teams in Flow training you will do three exercises with horses:
Group exercise: Reliable Herd
Recognize, roles, talents, team dynamics and
Iindividual Practice: Achieve Your Desired Results
Experience how to achieve personal goals using LIGHTHORSE’s proven transformation methodology.
Group Exercise: Work Together Effectively in Changing and Dynamic Conditions
Work optimally together in situations that are constantly moving, while maintaining focus and effectiveness (and fun).

In short, at Teams in Flow we strive to help teams realize their full potential through a combination of theoretical insight, practical application, individual talent analysis and experiential learning with horses.

For whom

This training is ideal for intact teams that want to improve their collaboration, optimize their performance and become resilient in a rapidly changing environment.
This training is also suitable for team leaders who want to strengthen their leadership and guide their teams to success.

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