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Team Training with Horses

Transform your team to succeed and thrive

During this team training you will work on how to become a top team as a team. A top team is a team that is in flow, radiates positive energy and that delivers optimal performance.

But you don’t just become a top team, it depends on many factors such as leadership, whether the goals are clear, whether there is trust in the team, how the team deals with plans, whether the right talents and competencies are present, or the tasks. and roles are optimally distributed. In addition, it is important how and about what communication takes place, whether team members feel committed, whether they take responsibility for their own behavior and whether there is development potential in the team.

During the Team Training you will get to work practically. During the day you do different exercises. The team works as a whole, in small groups and individually with a horse.

The exercises provide insight into the dynamics of the team and the underlying processes and patterns and everyone’s role. Insight is gained into the impact of one’s own actions and their consequences on others and the cooperation and effectiveness. In addition, the training provides concrete action perspectives and next steps.

Using LIGHTHORSE’s unique transformation methodology, team members discover what prevents them from acting from strength and therefore being effective, thereby achieving desired results.

Transformation methodology
Within LIGHTHORSE we work with our own Transformation Methodology. This allows you to transform old behavioral patterns and limitations in a short time, and develop effective behavior from a new consciousness, allowing you to quickly achieve desired circumstances and results. This enables you to achieve real breakthroughs and changes. This makes you the designer of your life.

Achieving real breakthroughs in a team requires more than theory and talking about it. We believe that teams learn best through real cases, gaining insights into team dynamics through action- and experience-oriented learning. During the Team Training you will gain insight into the individual qualities and pitfalls and those of the team. You do various practical exercises; with your team, individually and in small groups with a horse.

The various exercises provide insight into strengths and challenges, team dynamics, leadership, communication, decision-making and collaboration.

You will be able to practice new skills and new behaviors in the moment. This leads to more trust, mutual cohesion, accountability and better performance that can be directly applied in the workplace.

We believe that anyone can become a natural leader and learn to fully utilize his or her potential and achieve desired results.

Why horses?
In new and unfamiliar situations you show your most familiar behavior. Horses are non-judgmental, honest mirrors, giving us immediate feedback in every situation.
Horses are herd and prey animals. For their survival, they must be able to detect the smallest changes in their environment and body language.

What others say
The team training scores an average of 8.4. Our NPS, Net Promoter Score is 82.

Welcome and check in
Background and general theory teams

Exercise 1: Group exercise ‘How to be a reliable herd’ and reflection
Talent analyzes individual and team
Transformation theory
Exercise 2: Group exercise ‘How to achieve desired results’
Exercise 3: ‘Collaboration in times of change’
Insights and next steps
Finish and check out

TMA Talent Analysis
Discover true talents and get the best out of employees through the TMA Talent Analysis. This analysis is an objective, constructive and, above all, in-depth analysis of motives and drives, talents, strengths and pitfalls and development opportunities.

People are most motivated, effective and successful in work that is closest to their true nature. The TMA Talent Test creates a blueprint about current performance.

The TMA Talent Analysis comprehensively maps 22 motivations and 44 talents and shows the motivations and talents in six sub-areas:
• Emotional balance
• Motives
• Social talents:
• Influencing talents
• Managerial talents
• Organizational talents:

In addition, extensive advice is given on how to communicate, the ideal working environment and advice for further development.

The Talent Analysis is completed online.
Completing the form takes approximately 30 minutes.
Each team member receives two reports.

TMA Team Analysis provides insight into:
• Where the team’s talents lie.
• What the challenges and possible shortages are.
• What the points of interest are.
• How the team can best be managed to achieve the goals and desired results.

Working outside requires warm, casual clothing, rain gear and sturdy (waterproof) shoes.