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Ultimate Relationship

Transform your relationship to succeed and thrive

Nothing in life is as satisfying and at the same time as complex as an intimate relationship. It allows us to reach great heights, but also experience deep valleys. In a relationship we can achieve the most inner personal growth.

Truly loving another person is perhaps one of the most profound experiences. However, many of us struggle to truly understand our partner and how do we actually feel about it? Although at first it seems to come naturally and you feel passion, it can also feel empty, stagnant or unsatisfying.
Somehow we all long for the deep connection with others. Yet you may have given up on the idea that the ideal is still possible, and as a result settle for ‘much’ less in the relationship. A good relationship starts with yourself.

During the LIGHTHORSE relationship program you will go through some steps of the relationship model that Sandra Geisler developed and that will lead you to an ultimate relationship.
You will gain a better understanding of the motivations and needs of yourself and your partner, and therefore more insight into the relationship, where you stand and your dynamics.
You will learn about the laws that make a relationship successful and how the principles of love and passion work. You let go of old ineffective patterns once and for all. You formulate both a shared vision for your relationship and the rules required for this.
Ultimately, you make a plan to ensure that your ultimate relationship can actually become and remain a reality.

The relationship program helps you understand the underlying dynamics of the relationship, be true to yourself and find or increase pleasure, fulfillment and passion together. It really helps you make a difference that is difficult or impossible to match in individual sessions.

The Ultimate Relationship Program

Optional: Evening program
Day 1: Where are we in our relationship, what brought us here?
Day 2: What it takes for a fulfilling relationship
Day 3: What are we aiming for in the future and what is the plan to achieve that

A half-day can be added with a substantive program, or a joint experience such as a trip with psilocybin or a nature experience, which will be made on day two.

The program consists of:
Theory, joint exercises, reflection and individual coaching for both partners. You will also undergo body and mind sessions.
By not just talking but especially doing and experiencing, and through the various program components, the tools and the personal guidance from LIGHTHORSE, partners know how to find each other again, they feel the click, understanding and respect again and its unexpected twists, and breakthroughs possible. And the relationship can really be taken to another level.

The program is preferably followed in one sitting.
70% of traditional relationship coaching and training fails. Central to LIGHTHORSE’s relationship program is our transformation methodology, which helps you transform limiting patterns, learn to act from your strengths and develop new effective behavior that helps you achieve desired results and circumstances.

The intense, concise experience program significantly accelerates your development and is much less time-consuming than months or years of traditional coaching or therapy. The experience of others who have gone before you shows that they were able to achieve major changes and desired results and that the impact of the program ultimately went far beyond what they thought possible.

Before the start of the program, you complete an intake form. The program is adjusted based on this.
You also complete an extensive motives and motivations analysis that measures 22 dimensions and a competence and talent passport. You will receive 2 reports of this.

For whom
The program is for couples who want more than just talking. Who want to further expand, deepen and enrich their current relationship. Couples who want to give their relationship another chance, want to investigate the reasons for the circumstances in their relationship, want to see whether there is still sufficient basis for a relationship and how they can shape or end it (and in the case of parenthood: how they can shape this role).

This program is supervised by Sandra Geisler and Alwine van Heemstra.

What others say about the program

‘We look back on special days. The safe atmosphere, the theory, the assignments,… everything was good, to the point and nice. This made it possible to discuss the difficult conversations and we found each other again, as well as a shared perspective for the future.’

‘The program was mind and heart blowing, truly magical. A real art in how you guide this process. It’s unbelievable what has been achieved in three and a half days.’

‘We have already worked with other coaches, but were never able to reach this depth. Special, never to be forgotten.’

‘A year later I can report that we have been living together again since the summer. Still nice for the results of the program.’

‘You do fantastic work and we are now reaping the benefits of it every day. Thank you very much.”

“The coaches really give everything to achieve the desired result.”

‘Words fail to describe this program.’