For an organization to stay ahead of the game, it needs to focus on mindset, culture and new behavior as well as, the implementation of new structures, systems and processes.

With our business services we help to unleash the hidden potential of leaders, teams and organizations. We address issues underneath the surface and trace underlying causes. We shift limiting mindsets and blockages and develop capabilities for effective behavior to reach desired outcomes and drive performance.

In our programs we combine classroom learning with experiential learning to develop these capabilities that are more difficult to achieve in classroom settings only.

We use a powerful approach, which leads to immediate new behavior and achieving your goals.

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leadership development

Lighthorse leadership development programs are unique because leaders get to deal with their challenges and real cases. Leaders develop key capabilities for leading self, leading others and leading business. They learn how to overcome limiting patterns, unleash their true potential and create effective behavior to reach desired outcomes.

Leaders receive new tools and practices in the context of their specific leadership challenge and opportunity.

Areas we work in:

  • Personal mastery: raise personal awareness, transforming mindsets, and develop effective behavior.
  • Talent analysis and development: support leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses and their personal why.
  • Leading teams: develop the capabilities needed to become a top team.
  • Meaningful relationships: building relationships based on trust respect and understanding.
  • Health: learn to renew and sustain personal energy and become vital.
  • Executive coaching: we help leaders to deal with their most pressing issues.
team development

Lighthorse team development programs equip teams with the awareness and capabilities to transform into cohesive and high performing teams.

The success of an organization depends on the effectiveness of its teams. High performing teams don’t emerge by coincidence. It takes courage and effort to build high performing teams.

Areas we work in:

  • Create clarity on the direction: formulate a new strategy or adjust and align the current strategy.
  • Build aligned and effective teams: improving intangibles like trust, communication, commitment and learning capacities as well as well as the tangible aspects like having a clear goal, task and roles, and the right competences.
  • Team dynamics: Understand and transform dysfunctional patterns in teams.
  • Talent analysis and development: understand strengths and weaknesses within the team and build capacity.
  • Competence and performance management: define competences and key behavior indicators and support 360 feedback.
  • Recruitment: develop profiles for a new teamleader and team members.

70% of change initiatives mainly fail because aspects of human and organizational behavior are not properly addressed. Lighthorse accelerates the implementation of an organization’s transformation program by fully engaging people’s emotional side in the change process.

Our programs include letting people embrace the purpose of the transformation; understand one’s personal role, moving them from a place of fear to one of possibility by shifting the underlying mindsets to reach desired outcomes and to drive performance.

Lighthorse supports organizations to align, execute and renew themselves fast enough to improve performance and long-term success, have a culture that fosters trust, openness and engagement and enables continuous learning and improvement. To draw everyone into the same direction. To have a ‘can do’ culture. To provide clarity, alignment and commitment. To adapt to external challenges and changes.

Areas we work in:

  • Create clarity on the direction: formulate a new strategy, adjust or align the current strategy.
  • Talent and competence management: define core competences and match those with talents of the employees.
  • Culture transformation: shift behavior towards an organization’s aspiration and deeper purpose.
  • Engage employees: increase the sense of involvement to improve motivation, commitment, accountability and productivity.
  • Align supporting processes and structures: adjust recruitment processes, reward and appraisal systems.
  • A scan for organizational health: we assess the level of organizational health through an online survey.